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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 Split core algorithms of examples into repa-algorithms package. task high algorithms
#3 Add FFTW C code for comparison. task blocker examples
#6 Change to BSD3 License. task blocker distribution
#12 Buildbots for automated performance regression testing. task high distribution
#14 Add pictures and descriptions of each of the examples to the wiki. task high wiki
#17 FFT: Check that it's being specialised for Manifest arrays. task blocker algorithms
#25 Add Hailstone example from Trevor task normal examples
#29 Update edge detection demo for OSX lion, GHC 7.4 and Repa 3 task normal library
#30 Investigate use of Repa monad to hide deepSeqArray task normal library
#1 Use BMP image format instead of PPM in examples Ben Lippmeier enhancement blocker examples
#4 Add traverse3-4 enhancement normal library
#5 Add interleave functions enhancement normal library
#7 Add bounds checking. enhancement _|_ _|_ library
#8 Add QR factorisation example. enhancement normal examples
#9 Add singular value decomposition example. enhancement normal examples
#10 Add fluid flow solver example. enhancement normal examples
#11 Add Gaussian elimination example. enhancement normal algorithms
#15 Allow FFT transforms of non-square matrices. enhancement normal examples
#16 Split ByteString fns into a separate package. enhancement high library
#19 Parallelise sum and fold functions enhancement normal library
#21 Nicer syntax for taking subarrays enhancement blocker 3.0.0 algorithms
#22 Represent bitmaps as arrays of tuples enhancement normal io
#23 Add array update operator (//) enhancement normal library
#26 Add stencil boundary handling to support mirroring enhancement normal library
#27 Use Rewrite rules to specialise map and zipWith to partitioned arrays enhancement blocker 3.0.0 library
#32 Add support for unbalanced workloads enhancement normal library
#18 Change names in API to match Data.Vector defect blocker library
#20 Better docs for the select function, or change the implementation. defect blocker 3.0.0 algorithms
#24 Unneeded Elt constraint in type of traverse functions defect normal library
#28 makeBordered2: check arrays have the same extent defect blocker 3.0.0 library
#31 Empty array equals non-empty array defect blocker 3.0.0 library
#33 Unboxing problems in example from Stack Overflow defect normal 3.2.0 library
#34 Ambiguous show instance. defect normal 3.2.0 library
#35 Fix Read instance defect normal 3.2.0 library
#42 Result of foldAllP isn't forced. defect normal library
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