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Empty array equals non-empty array

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Issac Trotts <issac@…> reports: empty array equals non-empty array

Prelude Data.Array.Repa> import Data.Array.Repa as R
Prelude Data.Array.Repa> let x :: Array DIM1 Int; x = fromList (Z :. (0::Int)) []
Prelude Data.Array.Repa> let y :: Array DIM1 Int; y = fromList (Z :. (1::Int)) [1]
Prelude Data.Array.Repa> x == y
Prelude Data.Array.Repa> y == x
*** Exception: Data.Array.Repa.Operators.IndexSpace.reshape: reshaped array will not match size of the original

Make sure this works in Repa3.

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