Apr 23, 2012:

10:46 AM WikiStart edited by benl
10:44 AM Ticket #35 (Fix Read instance) closed by benl
fixed: Manifest arrays now have derived Eq, Read and Show instances.
10:27 AM Ticket #34 (Ambiguous show instance.) closed by benl
fixed: Fixed as we just used deriving Show for manifest arrays.
10:24 AM Ticket #33 (Unboxing problems in example from Stack Overflow) closed by benl
fixed: Works fine if you deepSeqArray arr on entry to combined.

Apr 20, 2012:

7:15 AM Ticket #10 (Add fluid flow solver example.) closed by benl

Apr 7, 2012:

10:35 AM WikiStart edited by benl

Apr 5, 2012:

4:16 PM Ticket #20 (Better docs for the select function, or change the implementation.) closed by benl
3:14 PM Ticket #21 (Nicer syntax for taking subarrays) closed by benl
2:05 PM Ticket #30 (Investigate use of Repa monad to hide deepSeqArray) closed by benl
2:05 PM Ticket #31 (Empty array equals non-empty array) closed by benl
1:48 PM Ticket #28 (makeBordered2: check arrays have the same extent) closed by benl
12:25 PM Ticket #27 (Use Rewrite rules to specialise map and zipWith to partitioned arrays) closed by benl
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