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#43 Avoid intermediate lists when packing Ints and Strings repa-convert 4.2.0 enhancement new May 19, 2015
#41 Generalise foldS worker to have a different accumulator type repa 3.2.2 enhancement new Feb 11, 2014
#40 Don't demand the whole list with fromList repa 3.2.2 defect new Dec 14, 2013
#39 Missing bounds checks. repa 3.2.2 defect new Sep 6, 2013
#38 Make unsafeWriteMVec for boxed arrays strict repa 3.2.2 enhancement new Apr 23, 2013
#37 Swap order of parameters to 'extend' so it matches 'slice'. repa 3.2.2 defect new Oct 16, 2012
#36 equals{S,P} functions are missing INILNE pragamas repa 3.2.2 defect new Apr 24, 2012
#13 Optimise Repa.fromByteString to avoid bounds checks in ByteString repa 3.2.2 enhancement new Apr 30, 2010
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