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Solves the Laplace equation u_xx + u_yy = 0 in a rectangular domain, by iteratively applying a stencil function.

The first argument is the number of iterations to use. The second is a BMP file containing boundary conditions.

 repa-laplace 10000 pls-400x400.bmp pls-400x400-out.bmp


The main algorithm is at

The wrapper is at

Test Data

In the input file, greyscale gives the boundary conditions, blue specifies where to determine the solution.

pls-400x400.bmp pls-400x400-out.bmp
full size full size


Compiled with GHC 6.13.20100309. 400x400 image. 1000 iterations.

Running on a Intel i7 iMac. 2.8Ghz, 4 cores x 2 threads/core. 256k L1, 8MB L2, 8GB main memory.

Times stated include IO.

Threads Time(s)
1 64.67
2 37.29
3 27.45
4 31.96
5 28.08
6 24.39
7 23.83
8 24.67

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